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What are the advantages of animal coveralls?

2018-04-23 16:06:26

Siamese clothes are simple and comfortable to wear because of their fun appearance. They have been popular in Europe and America in recent years and are also sought after by many domestic young parents. For babies, it is almost a must-have item, with at least two or three people. What are the advantages of animal coveralls?
1, easy to wear off. The traditional crocheted outfits are worn out, and the bodysuits are generally full-open buckles or zipper designs. Wearing and unloading will not affect the baby's mood.

2, easy to change diapers. In autumn and winter, when changing diapers, it is easy for babies to wear cold pants if they wear them frequently. One-piece suits are designed with an opening function that can be replaced as long as the buttons are unlocked.

3, to prevent cold stomach. The baby sleeps like to play the quilt, even the small belly is still exposed, and the body suit can protect the baby's stomach well, at night, no matter how tumbled, it will not freeze.

4, does not affect the baby's development. In traditional split clothes, the trousers are usually fastened with rubber bands or elastics. These trousers are easy to feel uncomfortable in the stomach and even affect the development of bones. On the other hand, the bodysuit is the opposite, and the abdomen is loosely designed without any sense of restraint.

5, protect baby privacy. Ordinary open-cut trousers are neither beautiful nor hygienic. The private parts of the baby are exposed to the air and are susceptible to germs. The jumpsuit solves this problem very well.

6, easy to wear. One-piece outfit to remove the troubles, one to get! When the weather is cold, add a jacket outside, simple and wild.