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Animal Onesies Pajamas Adult Cow

Adult Cow Pajamas 

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This is the description of Animal Onesies Pajamas Adult Cow
Styel: Adult Cow Animal Onesies 
Button closure, bathroom convenient style
Material: flannel 225-235g
Package: Neg tag, hang tag, size tag,washing label, hanger bag, printed paper,Barcode label
Outer Carton: 16pcs/carton
Model 175 cm, wear adult 5'-6'
Animal Onesie/ Pajamas /Jumpsuit /Costumes
Dress for Halloween/ Chrismas /Birthday Party /Carnival Event/ Cosplay/ Performance/Show /Homewear
animal cow cosplay, animal pajamas, flannel pajamas
 Animal Onesies Adult Cow
animal onesie, animal pajamas, Halloween costumes, carnival costumes
Dress to impress in these Plush Animal One-Piece Pajamas .
Rainbow Color and Simple Design ,Crafted from ultra-soft 100% Flannel.
This cozy bodysuit will be a hit at any party, cosplay event, or pajama sleepover.
Intricate detailing on the head, body, and tail bring this character to life, so you'll be the life of the party.
The loose fit is comfortable and won't restrict your movements, giving you the freedom to sleep, dance or perform as you please.
animal onesie, animal pajamas, Halloween costumes, carnival clothes
animal onesie, animal pajamas, Halloween costumes, cosplay clothes
animal onesie, animal pajamas
animal pajamas, animal onesie, Halloween costumes


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Teemway Group Ltd. is an international wholesaler with operations in Asia, North America and Europe.

Since 1999, we’ve had the pleasure of delivering high quality home products, toys, and promotion gifts items to our valued customers around the globe.

In 2012, we moved our operations to Los Angeles, California, and promptly achieved Qualified Supplier status. Today, highly regarded global retailers, such as Walmart-USA, Kmart-Australia and Carrefour-EU, stock our products.

We supply animal onesies since 2013. Now we have more than 50 styles, some of them are self-development.

We also accept customize special design.

Our California warehouse has ready goods supplying for costumes shop and on line shopping all the year round.

Annual output more than 100000pcs.


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